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The Amalfi Coast  

Today, I will take you on a trip to Amalfi, a picturesque region on the southern coast of Italy. This stretch of shoreline is known for its stunning views, charming towns and delicious food, so I’m looking forward to discovering this area! I hope you’re ready for a new adventure; let’s explore together the best things to see and do in this beautiful region.  

But first, there’s a bit of a delay…… According to the lady I spoke to yesterday, I was supposed to be in front of the archaeological museum in Naples at 07:15. And, of course, I still have Dutch roots, so I am punctual and in front of the museum at 07:05. And, indeed, a bus arrives, but the driver informs me that I have to wait for the next bus. From the next driver, I get the same answer…and so it goes for a while until it is 08:00. By now, I am getting a little nervous, so I decide to make a phone call. The answer is clear: “Don’t worry, signora, everything is fine! Antonio will be there soon!” At 08:15 the long-awaited Antonio finally arrives. At this point, I could kiss him! No, I am not angry – just happy that we are finally going to Amalfi!


Our trip begins in Sorrento, the perfect starting point for a beautiful tour of the Amalfi Coast. I stroll through this cozy town, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful views of the Bay of Naples. Of course, even though it is only 10:00 in the morning and there is little in my stomach, I am going to taste limoncello, a sweet lemon liqueur that Sorrento is famous for. There are three varieties of limoncello: the original yellow transparent liqueur, the light-yellow creamy liqueur and – last but not least – the grappa variety. Yes, all of that at 10:00 in the morning 😊…shouldn’t be a problem! 

Frabbrica del Limoncello Fabbrica del Limoncello: Sorrento Excellence



From here, we follow the beautiful seaside road to Positano, one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi Coast. The views along the way are truly breathtaking. The Algarve coastline is very beautiful, but the Amalfi Coast is a serious competitor! The colorful houses and buildings in Positano are built on the side of a steep cliff, which provides unique and beautiful scenery. I spend some time on the beach and enjoy the gorgeous view of the turquoise water. Positano’s charming streets are extremely pleasant, with many lovely boutiques and, of course, many restaurants. Not surprisingly, this town is often used as a backdrop in movies, such as Under the Tuscan Sun, which features the hotel Le Sirenuse. While you are here, don’t forget to try the delicious lemon ice cream. I am not a big fan of ice cream, but this tastes delicious! 

You probably figured it out by now: here, it’s all about lemons. The Amalfi Coast is full of lemon trees, and, in every town, you stumble over lemons. Not only are there ice creams, cakes and drinks, but also lemon soap, fragrances, bags with lemon prints, etc. etc. 

Immediately, I am madly in love with this beautiful little town, and I have a strong feeling that I will be back. But first, I will have to save some money, because this is certainly not the cheapest place😉. 

Ponte di Fiordo di Furore.

The ponte di fiordo di furore, a bridge built in the 1970s, is both 30 meters above sea level and 30 meters long. It is known not only for its amazing views, but also its yearly diving competition, in which participants dive from the bridge into the azure blue sea (count me out!).


Our next stop is the medieval gem, Amalfi, the namesake of the Amalfi Coast. Because much of the sea trade passed through it, Amalfi used to be a powerful city. Now, it is mostly a tourist spot with cozy streets. While you are here, you should definitely try to visit a beautiful piece of architecture in the center of the town, the cathedral Duomo di Amalfi, which dates back to the 9th century.



Tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast 


  • The best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast is in spring and autumn. In summer, it is very busy, with many traffic jams on the very narrow coastal road and temperatures that are quite high in summer 
  • The roads are quite narrow and winding, so pack some travel sickness tablets if you are prone to lots of bends. 
  • Bring a pair of good shoes, as along the coast the towns are built on steep hillsides, with lots of stairs and uneven paths.  

There are several trekking paths to explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast, but the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is the most famous. It is a popular and scenic trail that connects the towns of Bomerano and Nocele and offers breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. I surely would love to walk this one on my next visit.

In short, the Amalfi Coast is a beautiful and unique region of Italy that offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in history, art, food or just relaxing on the beach, you will find plenty to keep you busy. So, pack your bags, grab a bottle of limoncello and get ready for an unforgettable Italian adventure! 

Back to Naples along Mount Vesuvius. 

Driving back home, we again pass the impressive Vesuvius, which has now shaken off the clouds and appears in all its splendour. Vesuvius consists of two craters: Vesuvius and Monte Somma (the oldest).

Some three million people live near Vesuvius, but Neapolitans don’t seem to have much fear of this big, unpredictable guy.

I decide to spend my last day in Naples strolling through the bustling streets. Guiltily, I eat one last Neapolitan pizza (I will regret this!), and, late that afternoon, I leave on the high-speed train to Rome.


And then finally I am “back home in Rome.” Naples and the Amalfi Coast are fantastic places to visit, but Rome is coming home. My love for the eternal city is everlasting!

Arriving at Termini Station, however, I am immediately reminded that the taxi drivers don’t take their prices very seriously. The first in line asked the modest sum of 35.00 euros for a ride of about 10 minutes. This is really too much for me, so I decide to walk. No problem in itself, but dragging that suitcase along doesn´t make it easy…. Luckily, I have a lucid moment and order a taxi via Uber. Yes, really – that’s how it works here 😊. Uber is banned in Rome, but the app works, and it sends a regular taxi. Price? 14.00 euros – you have been warned!


The apartment I rented in Trastevere is small but very cozy. It is super centrally located and has a huge, round bed…but it is not sleeping time yet 😉.

It’s Saturday night, so Trastevere is buzzing. It is a super cosy neighbourhood on the other side of the river Tiber, teeming with restaurants and bars.

It’s still a bit early, so first, I’ll enjoy an Aperol Spritz with some snacks. If you order an Aperol Spritz from around 17:00 onwards, it is normal to get some snacks with it. The average price is 5.00 euros.

After my Spritz, I continue strolling through the familiar streets and come across a phenomenal street musician. And I’m not the only one who thinks so…. In no time, he has everyone dancing and singing.

Benvenuti a Roma ! 

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Here in Trastevere, you will not only find entertainment, but also beautiful churches and buildings, like the wonderful church Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome (it dates back to the 3rd century AD).

What I like most about this church is the incredible mosaic artwork depicting the Virgin Mary and Child. It is a very impressive work of art that is very rich in detail and colour. So, if you are in Trastevere, walk in and admire this work of art. Entry is free.

And this makes me also very happy…..❣️.all those vintage cars, bikes and Vespas. They are becoming scarce here too, but every now and then you can still find one of these gems.

Luca and Ristorante da Massi

Of course, I cannot visit Rome without meeting up with my “conversational friend,” Luca.  Luca and I know each other through the website Conversation Exchange. This is a great site for those who are learning a foreign language and would like to converse with a native speaker of that language. –Conversation Exchange – Language learning with native speakers” I personally think that Luca, by now, deserves an award for all the hours he patiently listened to my Italian gibberish.

We agree to meet for lunch, and Luca knows a wonderful restaurant close to “my” apartment, so Andiamo! As mentioned earlier, this place is teeming with restaurants, but this eaterie, “Ristorante da Massi”, is fantastic. The food is delicious and the service is super friendly. If you have a chance, try the Fiori di Zucca (stuffed courgette flowers), Salvia pastellata (sage in a dough jacket), Tonnarelli Carbonara (this is a slightly thicker spaghetti) and, my favourite, Carciofo (artichoke) dishes, such as Carciofo alla Romana fritto and, of course, a Pinsa Romana (the pizza from Rome). You probably understand from this summary that I did eat more than once at Da Massi!

After dinner, Luca and I decide to take another stroll through Trastevere, and I almost start to feel sorry for those people who stand in huge queues in front of the (wrong) restaurants, because TripAdvisor recommends them 🙄.

Now, I ask myself why I always fail to write everything in one article; after all, I spent only one week in Italy. I think it would be wise if I save the rest of my story about Rome for another time. We still have to visit the Musei Capitolini, the Castelo Sant’Angelo, the Galleria Borgehese and the Palacio Doria Pamphilj (among others). I conclude with a few more impressions of Rome, and for those who by now have had enough of my limitless passion for Italy, there is good news. Next time we travel to tropical Brazil. 🌞

Ciao !

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)



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      Thank you so much Nicki ❣️ Hope you are keeping well !

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      Thank you for your kind words Joanna ❣️My goal is to make everyone enthusiastic about the wonderful places I have had the pleasure of visiting and it makes me very happy when I succeed in doing so. XXX

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