Algarvian Personal Training Tour !

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Today I am going to take you on a sporty trip along some of the most beautiful spots on the coast between Alvor and Carvoeiro. Places with a phenomenal view of the Atlantic Ocean and great for outdoor training. So…. get your sports shoes out of the closet and here we go!

During our training sessions, my Personal Trainer Pedro and I have discovered many beautiful places with great views and we are happy to share these gems with you. Maybe it’s a good idea to introduce Pedro because it is most likely you will meet him again in future posts. Pedro is my PT but also my buddy in many adventures 😉. His challenge is to try and keep my body in reasonable shape………….. and a challenge it is! It was my request to train outdoors all year round rather than in a stuffy gym, always in places with a (sea) view and he agreed!

Today we start our tour in Alvor. A delightful town with a typical Portuguese appearance, white-washed houses, streets of cobblestones (Calçada) and along the bank of the tidal river many brightly coloured fishing boats.  Our heading though is not for coffee on the riverside but to the beautiful Estuary.

Ria de Alvor

Ria de Alvor

Ria de Alvor is a protected nature reserve with a large variety of birds and other wildlife. Via a long, wooden boardwalk you can walk through this reserve and admire all its beauty. This protected area is around 1400 hectares with the Ocean to one side, the estuary to the other and in between a long dune. With a bit of luck, you will come across Flamingos, little Sanderlings, Black-tailed Godwits and many more. The most magical time to visit the Ria de Alvor is at the end of the day when the last sun rays create a beautiful yellow glow on this stunning scenery.



From Ria de Alvor we leave for Prainha, an urbanisation between Alvor and Praia do Vau.
From the rocks at Clube Prainha you have a beautiful view on the beach “Praia da Prainha” and a spectacular view along the coastline. Just one training session at this spot at sunset and you’ll never want anything else……

Should you have enough time I suggest you visit the restaurant/bar Caniço. Situated on the beach it has a fantastic view of the Ocean. To reach it just take the elevator down the cliff and there you are, in the restaurant!


Sunset at Prainha

Praia da Rocha

Our next favourite spot is in “Praia da Rocha” (Rock Beach). Maybe a little less idyllic than Alvor but it still has breathtaking views from the “Miradouro” (viewpoint) and our training spot on the beach. 

Praia da Rocha – Portimão

This is also an ideal place for a walk along the waterline or along the wooden walkway. In the early morning and in the winter you can also cycle here but at busy times it is not recommended.

At the end of this beach, you’ll find NoSoloÁgua a lovely, trendy beach bar/ restaurant that is worth a visit but not today ….because there is still some work to do. For boat lovers a visit to the colourful and stylish harbour just behind the boulevard is a must.


Fort de São João do Arade

Close to this colourful harbour, in the office and reception area, you’ll find our next spot. This is located directly on the river “Arade” that runs from the Atlantic Ocean to Silves. From the quay you have a beautiful view of the town of Ferragudo, the castle “Castelo de São João do Arade” and the beach “Praia Grande”.


We usually train here in the morning and enjoy the view of the fishing boats when they return fully loaded from the Ocean, usually accompanied by a flock of seagulls waiting for a snack.

River Arade and Ferragudo

We now leave Portimão via the “old” bridge in the direction of Ferragudo. On the outskirts of this small fishing village you will find several beaches. This time we are going to “Praia de Molhe” because the view from the parking lot is simply breathtaking, especially at sunset.
The name ”molhe” relates to the breakwater which runs from this beach and marks the end of the Rio Arade and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean. Often you will find surfers here because of the ideal waves on the oceanside of the molhe.

Home sweet home Carvoeiro

Last but not least is our spot next to the church in Carvoeiro. This is the location where soon we will start our next tour the “Sete Vales Suspensos” (the seven hanging valleys )hiking track. This route follows the impressive coastline between Vale de Centianes and Praia de Marinha. So don’t put your sports shoes back in the closet yet. 😉.

Até a próxima vez !

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)



  • Ton Kok 10/08/2020 at 9:27 am Reply

    Wat een mooi land woon je toch.Wij zien er al naar uit om weer al dit moois te bewonderen in september.
    Moeten we ook maar gezamenlijk gaan genieten van de typisch Portugese gerechten waarover je in een vorige blog al schreef.
    Groetjes Ton en Marga

  • Ton Kok 10/08/2020 at 9:38 am Reply

    Wat een mooi land woon je toch.Zien er al naar uit om van dit alles te genieten in september als we er weer 4 weken zijn.Moeten we gezamenlijk ook maar genieten van de Portugese keuken.Groetjes Ton en Marga

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