Bike tour in the marvelous city of Porto

Porto - North Portugal

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If you ask my friends and family what Johanna’s favourite city is, you will probably get the right answer from everyone! I’m so passionate about this city that I am constantly trying  to persuade everybody to visit.

My first trip to Porto was about 3 years ago when I did a small free-lance job as a production assistant for a well-known TV show about buying houses abroad. My return flight to the Algarve was in the evening so I had almost a whole day to start to get to know this amazing place. ! I realised I had lost my heart the moment I started walking around. Since that day I have loved this city with my whole heart. I have to admit that I am a lucky girl because I have been able to spend a lot of time there, leaving many foot steps behind on the hilly streets.

Porto City seen from Villa Nova daGaia

Porto is a striking city with a very friendly and kind population. The old town centre is beautiful and best visited on foot. The abundance of culture, architecture, art, handcrafts and great restaurants and bars is too much to mention in one post so I will take you to this city regularly.

Today I would like to take you to the less known side of Porto by bicycle. Together we will go from the centre of Porto along the Douro to Matosinhos and on the way back we will visit the beautiful Serralves Park and Museum.

May 5th :

It’s 3 30am when the alarm goes off, today that’s no problem because I am going to Porto ! It has become a pleasant routine, getting up at  3 30am , driving to  Faro airport at 4 00am and then at 7 45am I am sitting with a “meia de leite” (coffee with milk) and a “torrada” (toasted bread with butter) in my favourite coffee bar in Porto, the day can begin….


Vieguini Bikes Rental

In the Rua de Alfandega  at “Vieguini”  a rental bike is waiting for me and the staff are, as always in Porto, extremely friendly and helpful. Despite my knowledge of the city the young man still has some very valuable sightseeing tips for me, so here we go !


On this sunny Sunday the trip goes from Porto via Foz to Matosinhos and the route along the Douro is amazing. Today there is a relaxed atmosphere with happy cyclists, walkers and joggers. My first stop is just before Foz and to make it all the more exciting for you I will share the rest of the trip with pictures.

River Douro close to Afurada

Douro River close to Afurada

Porto - Foz

Foz – Porto

I continue my bike tour to Matsinhos via the special bike trail that takes me along the river Douro and eventually the Ocean. The distance to Matosinhos is about 10 km and all this cycling on a warm day like today makes you thirsty so time for a pit stop at “Praia da Luz”.The view and the food at this restaurant are just fantastic and I honestly just would like to stay here but hey……. there are lot more beautiful things to discover so lets go.


Restaurant Praia da Luz - Porto

Restaurant Praia da Luz – Porto

Shortly after leaving “Praia de Luz”, I arrive at “Parque da Cidade do Porto”. This park is a pleasant surprise, it is large, very well maintained and the atmosphere is a peaceful.  I cycle through this very relaxing park and then I know for sure, I will be back soon.

It is 12h15 so it is time to find a nice place for lunch. As I cycle a through Matosinhos I suddenly see restaurant “Antonio’s” and realise that I have been there before with my dear friend Alyson.
I get a few surprised looks when I park my bike in front of the restuarant.(no one here arrives at a restaurant on a bike ) and I get the last table, sometimes you just have to be a bit lucky…..
I order a delicious white wine called Quinta Aveleda and my most beloved shellfish dish “Amêijoas a Bulhão Pato”. 

When I was about to start eating it got restless in the restaurant because of an angry gentleman whose reservation they had forgotten and I was sitting at the last table… I will save you the whole story but I invited them to sit with me and that afternoon they spoiled me with champagne and the most delicious seafood because it turned out that they were family from the restaurant owners.So I saved a family feud. It´s time to leave and I am glad to be on my bike because surely I wouldn’t pass any alcohol test right now.


Lets continue to the last stop for today, the Serralves Museum and Park. To get there I have a tough ride up hill, it’s warm and I put a softly curse my Personal Trainer who made me do some very heavy leg exercises the day before….. The big advantage is that the alcohol is gone in no time -:)
At Serralves I’m again pleasantly surprised both the museum and the park are an experience, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Serralves Park

Serralves park

Shoes of pans and lids

I have spent hours in this museum and in the Park, it´s a piece of paradise but now it’s time to cycle back and finish this beautiful day with a drink at the “Ribeiro” on the quay of the douro. The Ribeiro from Porto is a very lively place with many restaurants, bars and a beautiful vieuw on the Dom Luis I bridge. This famous bridge was designed by a disciple from Gutave Eiffel and was constructed from 1881 until 1886.  Now a days it is cultural heritage and as I absolutely adore this bridge I have never visited Porto without stopping to have look at this master piece. It is time to say goodbye but I promise I will soon be taking you back to this great city.

Cheers !

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Português (Portuguese (Portugal))


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