If only the walls could speak…..

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If only the walls could speak…….. Well, in Porto, they do!

Those who have been following me for some time know that there is nothing I like more than to wander the streets of Porto and Gaia for hours and hours, and, during these walks, I regularly come across beautiful street art. So today, I would like to show you some of these fantastic works. The journey starts with this master piece, “Nobre e Leal,” at the main metro station “Trindade,” made by 2 artists, Hazul and Mr. Dheo.

The street art you find everywhere in this fantastic city goes far beyond just a few simple tags that have been “spray” painted onto the walls. In fact, the graffiti that you will find scattered around the city would not look out of place in an art gallery.


If you are interested in street art, you will be surprised by the masterpieces you´ll find in small alleyways, at bars and restaurants and even on public buildings. Some pieces are simply lovely to look at, while others are more thought-provoking.

Street art and the new Major

Street art in Porto also has a fascinating history. In a bid to “clean up” the city, the previous city council removed almost all graffiti. However, a new Major came and things changed. This work, from Daniel Eime, is located close to the “Alfandega” from Porto. The painting shows the expressive face of an elderly woman, a portrait of the ageing population in this riverside area.

The new Porto city council saw the value of street art in the local community. They understood how beautiful and vibrant designs would help to give rundown neighbourhoods a new life. You could spend a month in Porto and still stumble across new street art pieces. During your discovery tour through the city, you will find lots of hidden streets, charming little boutiques and cosy bars you may not have otherwise found. Some of the pieces are located in the lesser-known “of the beaten path” neighbourhoods.

Rua Miguel Bombarda

This image, under the name D. Quixote 😉, was made in 2014 by 3 local artists and can be found in the Rua Miguel Bombarda. This street is worth a visit anyway because of the many art galleries, trendy stores and hip bars. Half way the Rua Miguel Bomarda you will also find a small but very interesting “Centro Comercial Bombarda” (small shopping centre). 

Vila Nova de Gaia

So, follow my example and enjoy another aspect of this vibrant city! One of my favourite works is “The Rabbit” in Gaia. Arthur Bordalo, the artist, makes beautiful animals from waste. In doing so, he draws attention to the enormous stream of waste that humans produce and the significant threat it poses to nature.

Walking through the small streets of Gaia, you will regularly come across colourful and energetic street art.  And while you are in Gaia, you can also visit WoW”  World of Wine. WoW is a new project consisting of museums, thematic centres, bars and restaurants.

Ponte D. Luis (upper deck)

When you walk via Ponte D. Luis from Gaia back to Porto (upper deck), you will be greeted by this beautiful mural. This gigantic art piece, called “AN.FI.TRI.ÃO” (meaning “Host”) and which portrays a friendly old man who seems to be welcoming visitors to the city, was done by Frederico Draw in 2015.

One of my other favourites is this huge cat from the Spanish artist Liqen on the Rua Afonso Martins Alho, a side street of the popular Rua das Flores.

Virtus (Cooperativa Artística Árvore)

This long-stretched mural of the faceless Madonna was created in 2015 by the famous street artist Hazul for the art school, “Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore.”

You’ll find this striking piece across from Parque das Virtudes with stunning views over Porto and the Douro River. And if it happens to be lunch or dinner time, you could go to Restuarant Torreão. From the roof terrace of this restaurant, you have a fantastic view.

Look at Porto

Located in the Miragaia district on the wall of a movie theatre “Look at Porto,” you’ll find this stunning piece by Alexandre Farto – better known as “Vhils” – one of the most famous urban artists in Portugal. Commissioned in 2016, it was the first public piece by the Lisbon-based artist in Porto. This amazing piece, portraying a face, features Vhils’ signature style where the piece is sculpted out of a building’s facade, a unique technique where instead of painting over a wall, he directly chipped away from the wall.

The work is a tribute to the people who live in this traditional area of the city, who – according to the artist – are “Human Patrimony.”

Quem es Porto ? (Who are you Porto ?)

This enormous piece of art, made of 3,300 tiles (azulejos), was painted by people from Porto, tourists of all ages and amateurs and professionals, who each showed their vision of the city through a drawing or a sentence that answered the question, “Who are you Porto?” The mural occupies 135 square meters of a building facade on Rua da Madeira, next to S. Bento train station, and is presented as the “largest community tile panel in the city.”

Joana Vasconelos

I adore this enormous (20 metres wide) mural, by Joana Vasconcelos, that consists of 8000 hand-painted tiles. It is an explosion of colours, and every time I pass, it makes me happy. ❣

You’ll find this mural on the sidewall of the restaurant Steak ‘n Shake.

A few more ……

To finish this article and give you an introduction to the next Porto article, I would like to share the following picture with you. I’d like to consider this art as well……😀

I hope you enjoyed the colourful street art from Porto as much as I do. The next time, we will visit the back streets of Porto.



This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch) Português (Portuguese (Portugal))



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