Algarvian chimneys

Algarvian Chimney

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Algarvian chimneys true pieces of art


I can hear you say it……………… chimneys ??
Yes, chimneys ! Many Algarvian chimneys are real works of art. The Portuguese word for for Algarvian Chimneys is Chaminé Algarvia. The origin of these chimneys dates back to the late 17th and early 18th centuries. 
They were made by craftsmen and the more elaborate the design, the more expensive the chimney, so these chimneys became a sign of wealth.

How many days of chimney do you want ?


The question the master mason would ask a prospective purchaser ordering a new chimney would be: How many days of chimney do you want ?
Today, the craft has been overtaken by mass production and the value of the chimney is no longer important, but we can still admire these works of art everywhere in the Algarve. Especially in the historical centres of villages and towns.

The moorish influence

One thing all  Algarvian chimneys have in common is that they bring to mind minarets. The Moorish influence  still reflects in these chimneys. Five centuries of Arab domination have left their traces in the architectural style. You will find this building style all over the Algarve but I think the chimneys are the best examples.

Most chimneys are primarily intended for decoration rather than use. Often you see more than one chimney on a roof of which only 1 is being used. This is why most chimneys are so beautifully white.  Even though I’ve lived here for 25 years, I still look up every time I walk through a city centre to admire all these pieces of art.

So if you ever come to the Algarve don’t forget to look up, and enjoy the view of these iconic roof decorations!

Here a few more examples because they are just so beautiful  and I can´t resist showing them to you.




This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)



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